Geschilderde nocturnes van Maarten Welbergen en Ewoud Klaasse

Maarten Welbergen is an artist who is  strongly following his pictorial fascinations.
Sometimes he paint is from life and sometimes he works from imagination.
One time he can be totally absorbed in painting in nature another time he is inventing all kinds of studio paintings.
His so called Nocturnes, in which he paints night-scenes with clear lantarn lights, give expression to his more melancholic mood.
Quite recently he started to make cut-outs where he is cutting out the scenery to create a more thrilling dialogue with the walls on which they are hanging or with space with his objects almost like a sculptor. To get real 3 dimensional work he also is sculpting in stone.

De expositie is te bezichtigen t/m 27 november, tijdens de openingstijden van de Wackers Academie.